Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Pics

We had a pretty lazy weekend. It has been so cold and rainy till late this afternoon. So this was an even better excuse to be lazy! Grant made his first "Friday night date" trip to Southlake on Friday. He got to go to mommy and daddy's favorite Mexican restaurant, Mi Cocina!! I don't think he was too impressed because he slept the whole time. He doesn't know it, but he ate there EVERY Friday night before he was born. We also made a trip into Costco, another place he went to EVERY Friday night. Other than that, the weekend was filled naps, Collin's new addiction to Facebook, and lots of messy diapers!! It was great!!
Chillin with Dad in his new favorite position to be held.
Look at these creases !!! I swear he gains a new one every week!! So cute!!
I think they are having a stare down contest here. Or, Grant is begging Dad to share that bag of cookies he's got.
Sweet baby. He definitely looks like Collin here. Anybody think he looks like me??
This is some major spit up going on here!! You know it was bad when he has it up to his eyebrows!!