Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dirty Boy

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Grant was so dirty last night after playing outside that we had to strip him down before he could come in for a bath!  Won’t be the last time for sure!


May 2010 II 022

Please let me play!!

May 2010 II 002

Snack time on the girls’ blanket

May 2010 II 007 May 2010 II 012

Playing peek a boo with Aunt Mere

May 2010 II 015 May 2010 II 016 May 2010 II 003 May 2010 II 004 May 2010 II 011

Let me in!!

May 2010 II 023  May 2010 II 017 May 2010 II 018

These pics are from Collin’s softball game on Thursday. It was an early game so all the mommas and babies were there.  It was great to see all of our old church friends and their little ones!

Daddy's Cars

May 2010 II 015 May 2010 II 016 May 2010 II 017 May 2010 II 018 May 2010 II 019

Collin found his old match box cars while cleaning out the garage the other day and you know who found them.  We got them cleaned up for Grant and they have been a hit ever since.  I think his favorite part is banging the cars on the metal container they are stored in.  Ha!  It so funny to see him turn into a little boy more and more each day! 

Saturday, May 22, 2010


May 2010 II 002May 2010 II 001  May 2010 II 003 May 2010 II 004 May 2010 II 005 May 2010 II 007 May 2010 II 008 May 2010 II 010 May 2010 II 011 May 2010 II 012 May 2010 II 013

Lil guy decided to pose for me the other night with his blankie.  He was such a ham to the camera!  The top one is my favorite!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ft Worth Zoo


We headed out to the Ft Worth zoo to show Grant all of God’s creatures in person.  We went after lunch and were relieved to see all the school kids loading up on the buses to leave as we were coming in!  I think Grant’s favorite was the penguins.  The would just swim right up to the glass where he was standing and look back at him.  We were thrilled to see that he could really point out the different animals that he saw.  I was afraid that he wouldn’t notice them unless they were really moving, but he spent the whole time with his pointer finger out pointing at the different animals he could see.

May 2010 002 May 2010 009 May 2010 010

See the big mt goat behind us?

May 2010 015 May 2010 017 May 2010 018

Feeding the birds

May 2010 020

A hawk eating a rat.  Yuck!

 May 2010 023 May 2010 024 May 2010 025

The penguins, our fav!

 May 2010 028 May 2010 029

What a fun day!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010



001 007

I see that these pics did not come out right when I posted them a bit ago.  So here they are, smaller so they will fit.

Ice Cream Truck!

009 010 011 012 013 014

Someone, get this boy a napkin!!  He loved the ice cream!!