Friday, April 25, 2008

First Harvest!!!

So I harvested my first strawberries today from the garden. I am pretty proud of them!! My mom and I first planted these two years ago and the plants have lasted through two winters. In fact, the plant has multiplied into 4 or 5 different plants. Mmmm....just wish I had some chocolate to dip these babies in!!

On another gardening note, this plant was given to me by a co-worker two years ago and it is the most aggressive plant ever!!! I call it a purple bean plant, but I am not really sure if that is right or not. It is a vine with pretty purple flowers that will grow up anything it can get its' dirty little leaves on!! I think this is the year that it finally takes over Collin's grill on the porch. Yikes! Well, this year I literally have to pull up 4-5 plants per day that have come up overnight in places that I don't want them to grow. Note the ones I have already picked on the right side of the pic (white lines)and no, that is not a huge black snack going down the pic, it is Collin's soaker hose). They are taking over the side of the porch!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pirate Ship

So here is a pic of the pirate ship my dad built. This pic is from the back; it looks more "piraty" from the front. It has a slide, 2 swings, rock climbing wall, sand box below, and of course a steering wheel with an old cell phone my dad had. You know, the old bag phones. And every pirate ship has a cell phone, right? Why he saved this from when I was a kid, I don't know. I guess for the future pirate ship. Ha!

Weekend Roundup Part Dos

I finally have some time tonight to catch ya'll up on our fun weekend in Longview.

Friday: After a pleasant drive through the highways and byways of East Texas, we arrived at Pump it Up for Peyton's party. We hardly recognized him with his new "big boy" haircut...a flat top!!! I don't know how those kids didn't bump heads all the time while jumping. It is amazing at the energy they had!! Most of them, including Collin, were sweaty little pigs by the time we were ready to cut the cake!! I can't believe my nephew is 4!!

Saturday: We slept in and woke up to the smell of my grandmother's biscuits and gravy..mmmm. We always look forward to this as I have yet to perfect this recipe. That afternoon we headed to the lake lot for Peyton's 2nd party in 2 days. This was his pirate party( note the pirate hats we wore...not sure how I "lost" mine). My parents made Peyton a pirate ship playground set at the back of the lot near the water that is unbelievable. My dad designed and constructed this especially for P. I teased him that the set builders from "Pirates of the Caribbean" would be calling him for advice!! It really was amazing. I enjoyed using my fairly new camera and capturing lots of pics of the birthday boy. We had a grilled hot dogs and more cake. It was very relaxing being out there. I can't wait till they finish building their house out there!!!

Sunday: We finished off the weekend by attending church with my parents and getting to hear their new pastor. For lunch we had my favorite, Bodacious!!! The best Texas bbq out there!! Collin thinks that it is very good for Texas bbq, however claims that "real" bbq is pork style like they serve in TN. I say yucky!! After some more playing and "wrasling" with P we headed back home. Was a great weekend, but as always was too short!!

p.s. Sorry some of my pics are sideways. I have not mastered that bloggin skill yet!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Roundup

We had a great weekend!! We spent it in Longview celebrating my nephew Peyton's 4th birthday party. Lots of food, fun, and parties. More details to come this week as I am just too pooped to type anymore. I took a TON of pics and can't wait to share a few. Here are two pics from the weekend for starters. Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Idol Review

So I think that Brooke is going tonight. Kristi L. Cook is last year's Sanjaya-everyone is voting for her even though we all know that she will never sell a record. The whole time David Cooke was singing last night I could hear MC's version in the back of my head. But overall, he did a good job. I think it will come down to the young little kid who looks like a younger Fred Savage and David Cooke.

I got to shop today for my nephew's fourth birthday party which is this weekend in Longview!! I can't believe that he is already four!! How time flies. The toy aisle is so overstimulating for me! There are so many colors, sounds, and stinky kids running around. And the choices!! Who thinks up all this stuff?? Someone who thinks that a piece of plastic that will last 1 month is worth $20, that's who!! Any-who, I am really looking forward to the "jumping" party and seeing my favorite nephew. Here is a pic of him. It is a sleeping angel!! This pic is a couple of months old. But don't fret, there will be plenty of pics to be shared after this weekend.
Another fun story to share from today...My favorite little lady at work is doing so much better. For those who don't know Mrs. W, she is a resident where I work and I have decided that she and I are kindred spirits. She had been suffering from one of her usual quarterly UTIs (urinary tract infection) so she hadn't been the same. She will usually tell me stories from her past which she hadn't done in a while. Well, today she started telling me those stories (which she thinks she is telling me for the first time, but is the 100th time :) ) again. I listened gladly as I had missed our "talks." And once again I had to remind her that she is not 132, but that she is 95!! Oh she makes me smile. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Lovin It!

5 thing I'm lovin today.­.­.­
1.Opening the windows and letting the fresh spring air in.­
2.Anticipating the harvest my newly planted garden will bring.­
3.Sleeping in.­
4.The 'Wicked' soundtrack.­
5.A made bed.­
What are you lovin today????
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Weekend Roundup

Collin and I had a nice relaxing weekend, but too short as always!! It started off with our usual date night on Friday. You know, Costco, Lowe's, Central Market, and our favorite Mexican restaurant Mi Cocina. We decided to eat early so we ate with all of the old people!! We were pleased to have spent less than $100 as Costco. That rarely happens!!

We slept in Saturday morning as we had both had some late nights last week. Collin spent more time in the yard in the afternoon. He washed the truck, mowed the weeds, tried to fix a hand-me-down edger, and watered the yard. Our flowers and garden are coming along nicely, except for some pesky petunias that are trying to die. I will probably have to take Lowe's up on their one year plant guarantee and take them back...we will see if they perk up. I've decided that Collin is great at all the digging and lawn mowing and I excel in bringing out refreshments!!

We met some dear friends of ours for dinner later that night. Mikalah and Jarrod met us in Addison at Blue Fish. Everyone chowed down on the sushi except me. I prefer my fish to be flaky and hot. Sushi is just cold and wet in my opinion. Collin commented that their sushi was almost as good as the sushi he had in Maui in January. We got home really late that night and were proud of our selves for staying up past midnight!!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Collin watched "The Wire" episodes and I enjoyed a much needed facial at the spa. Collin's sister, Meredith, joined us for dinner and finished getting the rest of her stuff out of the room she stayed in when she was living with us. She said that dinner was the first home cooked meal she had had in a long time. Cooking is a faux pas in the single life you know!! She seemed to really enjoy it and took some for the road. It was good to see her. I think she is really adjusting well to living in Dallas.

I'm Lovin It!

5 Things that Collin is Lovin

1.­ Doing four hours of back breaking yard work
2.­ Washing a truck inside and out that I didn't even get dirty
3.­ Almost cut finger half off putting blade on edger
4.­ Running away from a wasp trying to sting me
5.­ Saying every word in the book trying to get my stupid water hose untangled

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Blog

Well, I guess it is time to catch up with the rest on the world and begin a blog. Not really sure who will read our blog but thought it might be fun. I feel hip now!! I am hoping this will be a good way to journal Collin and I's life adventures. I am new to this whole blogging thing so bear with me. Blog on!!!!