Sunday, October 16, 2011

Picture Re-Post

October 2011 041

Getting ready for baby sister!

I will be 36 weeks on this coming Tuesday!!  My mom came in town again  to help me get ready this past week.  She made the crib bedding and I just love it!  She did a great job!  I told her to open a store on Etsy!!  I still have some finishing touches to complete in the nursery, but I feel like it is getting very close to being finished.


October 2011 039

October 2011 041

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My first baby!  Can’t believe how fast it went with Grant!  Seems like yesterday that this was his crib!  Before I know it, this little one inside of me will be as big as Grant!

Race Winner!

October 2011 009 October 2011 010 October 2011 011 October 2011 012

It took Collin and I forever to figure out what Grant is doing here in this picture.  Can you figure it out?? We finally came to the conclusion that he is imitating what the winner of the weekly Nascar race does when they get to victory lane!  Grant loves watching Nascar with Collin and knows lots and lots of drivers names just by looking at the car that they drive. 

Pumpkin Patch Fun

October 2011 023

October 2011 025

October 2011 029

October 2011 030

October 2011 035

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