Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Million Dollar Question

One of the most common questions people ask me now a days is:
"Are you going back to work or are you staying home with Grant??"
I couldn't honestly answer that question.
Until today.
I met with my team lead today and told her that I had decided to take a better job (and I had an awesome job to start with!!).
The pay is a WHOLE, WHOLE lot less.
There will be no bonuses or raises.
No annual reviews.
No paid professional licensure dues.
The hours are a lot longer.
I can't leave work early on certain days.
I have to work days, nights and weekends.
I don't get vacation or sick time.
I have to work all holidays.
I can't call in for "mental health" days.
But meet my new co-worker...

Isn't he super cute???!!!!

We plan to have lots of "working lunches," "team building exercises," "performance reviews," and "coachings."

I can't fire him....I am in it for the long haul.

In two weeks I will turn in my key and clean out my desk. I will be starting the job that I have always wanted to do.

I am going to be a Stay At Home Mom!!

3 months!!!

One month

Two months
Three months
Three monthsOur baby came into this world 3 months ago this past Saturday. He is growing so fast and Mommy & Daddy love him more & more each day!
Grant at 3 months:
  • Weight=about 14 lbs
  • Height=about 24 inches
  • Smiling and cooing. Especially at his crib toys and his play mat. He even yells out a squeal every once in a while.
  • Grant does his best talking to Mommy when she comes and gets him out of his crib in the morning and is changing his diaper on the changing table. He is always so excited to see her!
  • Sleep an average of 7-8 hours a night...
  • But is still a night owl....at least by mommy and daddy's standards!! Usually takes his last feeding around 11pm and then sleeps until around 6:30am.
  • Still breastfeeding well. Has gotten "better" at it and faster. However, easily falls asleep during feedings. Stinker!!
  • Can hold his head up 90 degrees while on his tummy.
  • Can hold his head up while we carry him around.
  • Is really trying to roll over from his tummy to his back. Does it best when he gets mad and is tired of being on his tummy!
  • Can pick mommy's face out of a crowd of people looking at him.
  • Can usually find mommy by listening to her voice.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Watch tonight!!

There is a new show coming on TLC tonight called "Blooming Business." It comes on at 9:30 Dallas time. It follows a famous Dallas floral designer as they decorate for a wedding. This week they will be decorating Prestonwood Baptist where Collin and I were married!! So excited to see what they do!! Here's what we did....
Oh memories!! What a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Thoughts....

  • It is raining here today. I don't think I have heard thunder in forever!! Darn you, North Texas drought!
  • On the way to get the mail today, I noticed that my tulips are on the verge of blooming!! Yay for Spring!
  • I should really organize my closet. Not sure why since this post-preggo body is still on strike!
  • My baby pooped what looked like an English pea today. Collin loves peas so I was sure to text him a pic of it! Ha!
  • Being a new mom is scary and exciting!
  • I really don't want to work out today but I will try to make the 5:30 class. Darn you, post-preggo body!!
  • A good excuse not to go is that I would hate to get my newly washed car wet and dirty. Darn you, rain!
  • Isn't it depressing when nothing "good" comes in the mail? A Sports Illustrated for C, a boring insurance statement, and a Kroger ad. Boring!! Come on May issue of Martha Stewart Living!!
  • I started a new book yesterday call "The Shack." I think my brother-n-law left it over Christmas to read, but I am just now getting to it. Pretty good so far. God as a large black women?? Holy cow!!
  • We are having left over BBQ sandwiches tonight. I have a recipe where you make them in the crock pot. They are super good! They are beef BBQ....C and I fight over what meat really constitutes BBQ. I say beef, he says pork. Just one of the many fun discussions we like to have!
  • I should probably go wake Granters up. He sleep all morning and is now sleeping all afternoon. Could be an all nighter!! yikes!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We have found our thumb!!!

I have been catching him sucking his thumb more and more lately. Now all he needs is a blue "Linus" blanket to drag around!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Fluffing

Spring has sprung so I did a little fluffing around the house this weekend.

My red tulips are slowly popping up. Collin planted these for me back in November. I remember telling him that when these bloomed, our baby would be here!!

I put together this Easter basket today for Grant. No candy in these eggs!! Maybe the Easter bunny will bring him some quarters for his piggy bank.
I bought this super cute bunny on a stick thingy today for Pier 1. It is so cute!! And only $2.00!!
There is a bunny in this pic too. Can you find it??
I couldn't post on my blog without putting a pic of our sweet angel. Not sure how he fell asleep like this....it cannot be comfortable!!
Happy Spring!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Pics

We worked in the yard a bit this weekend and you can see what a help Mr. Grant was.
We were on Skype the other night and he just put his head down on his dad's arm like he was too pooped to talk anymore!!

Naked baby under that blanket!!
Sweet angel all snuggled up.
Here is our cool dude getting ready to sit outside on the porch. These glasses are a little too big for him still!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Pics

We had a pretty lazy weekend. It has been so cold and rainy till late this afternoon. So this was an even better excuse to be lazy! Grant made his first "Friday night date" trip to Southlake on Friday. He got to go to mommy and daddy's favorite Mexican restaurant, Mi Cocina!! I don't think he was too impressed because he slept the whole time. He doesn't know it, but he ate there EVERY Friday night before he was born. We also made a trip into Costco, another place he went to EVERY Friday night. Other than that, the weekend was filled naps, Collin's new addiction to Facebook, and lots of messy diapers!! It was great!!
Chillin with Dad in his new favorite position to be held.
Look at these creases !!! I swear he gains a new one every week!! So cute!!
I think they are having a stare down contest here. Or, Grant is begging Dad to share that bag of cookies he's got.
Sweet baby. He definitely looks like Collin here. Anybody think he looks like me??
This is some major spit up going on here!! You know it was bad when he has it up to his eyebrows!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Two Month Doctor Appointment

Grant had his two month well baby check up appointment today and everything went well! He is meeting all of his developmental milestones appropriately. He received 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine. He did pretty well. No fussing or crying when his pediatrician was seeing him. In fact, I think he even smiled at him! However, when those mean nurses gave him the shots he let loose in the office!! I don't think I have ever seen or heard my baby cry like that!! It started off with a breath hold, a super red face, and then a screaming cry. Luckily there were two nurses, one for each leg, so it went pretty fast and I was able to hold him right after. He calmed down fairly quickly. In fact, one of the nurses asked, "is that all?" I say they were mean, but we actually LOVE his office staff and think he is an excellent doctor. He has been pretty sleepy this afternoon after his big day.
Grant at 2 months:
  • 12 lbs 2 oz
  • 22 3/4 inches
  • has started to smile and coo
  • LOVES playing in his crib where he "talks" to his mirrored crib toy and mobile
  • sleeps avg of 5-7 hours a night....
  • but is a night owl who doesn't like to go to bed till anywhere from 11 pm to 1 am ( this is espcially challenging to mom who, before baby, was in bed by 9:30 every night!!)
  • still breastfeeding well; usually every 2 1/2 to sometimes 4 hours during the day
  • can lift his head up during tummy time
  • holds his head up pretty well when we are carrying him around the house
  • loves to stare at lamps and his parent's faces

Peacefully sleeping in his car seat, waiting to go to the doctor. He has no idea of the trauma that awaits him there!! Poor baby!!
Our battle scars!!! I couldn't believe how long those needles were!! Collin said he didn't look when they injected him. I am scarred for life because I did!!!

Two Months!!

One month old
One month old

Modeling a onesie that describes how mommy and daddy feel everyday!!

Two months
"Mmm, this hand is good!"
Two months
Our baby came into this world two months ago this past Saturday. He is getting cuter and more responsive by the day!! You can see by the pics above how much growing he has done since his one month pics I took. When I compare the two pics I can get over how much fatter his face is!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Toy Time

These pics are from this morning. Grant loves to lay in his crib and "talk" to his mobile and a crib toy that lights up and plays music. His is really "talking" more and more everyday and sometimes even throwing in a smile! I also flip him over after a while and give him some "tummy time."
"Don't you want to pinch my cheeks??"
"I can hold my head up like a big boy!!"

Insert cooing sound here:"______________"
"Wow! This toy is so cool!!"
"That's funny, Mom!"