Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Grant!!!






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Where did the time go??!!  I can’t believe you are already three!!  Seems like yesterday you were a tiny baby and now you are such a big boy!! 

Grant at three:

You love…..

-playing outside

-anything Nascar!  You have already been to several Nascar races at Texas Motor Speedway and can watch at least 100 laps without moving a muscle!  I pretty sure you have at least 100 little cars that you play with.  You also can name almost all the main drivers just by looking at the car!  What a talent!  Ha!

-being a big brother to EllaJane, you love to kiss and hold her

-helping Mommy cook

-you are best buds with your daddy!  I think this has intensified now that momma is busy with EllaJane.  Daddy puts you to bed every night and ya’ll play your made up special games like “Help, I need you Dad!”

-your Mothers Day Out days, especially playing with your best friend there, Kennedy

-to sing!  and to dance!

-make car, dinosaur, monster, ect noises with your throat

-getting ice cream from the truck that comes by on Wednesdays

-peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, strawberries, pancakes and sausage with dip-dip, apple juice, pretty much any fruit, but very few veggies, chili, soups, Chick-fil-a with honey mustard and ketchup, doughnuts, fish sticks, toast, oatmeal and any sweet

-running naked before bath time

You are such a joy and delight to us Grant!  You are becoming such a big boy and have the sweetest heart.  I pray that you will always love Jesus and follow him everyday in all that you do. 

      Happy Birthday,