Monday, August 16, 2010

First Haircut

I cut my child’s hair last night!!  It was so scary!! I only cut his bangs as they were down into his eyes.  He was good and just sat there in Collin’s lap. 

August 2010 009


August 2010 010


August 2010 011

This is more like he usually wears it; combed over to the left side.  I have to plaster it with hairspray every morning for it to even have a chance of staying in place.  What a handsome boy!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 2010 004

Grant loves to blow bubbles in Gigi's pool!! I didn't teach him to blow bubbles. I think he just saw someone in the pool blowing them and he decided to do it too!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Galveston 2010

Galveston 2010 169 Galveston 2010 179 Galveston 2010 188 Galveston 2010 192 Galveston 2010 195 Galveston 2010 199 Galveston 2010 202 Galveston 2010 211 Galveston 2010 217 Galveston 2010 219

Galveston 2010

Galveston 2010 022 

In mid July, we met my family in Galveston for a week at the beach.  My parents rented a beach house on the west end of Galveston.  We were so excited because it was Grant’s first time to see the ocean.

  Galveston 2010 241 

As you can see, he had a great time!

Galveston 2010 005

Here are his first steps on the sand.  The minute I put him down on the sand he stopped in his tracks and looked up at me like, “What is this I’m stepping on!!??”

Galveston 2010 006

Inspector Grant on the watch for tar balls!!

No, we didn’t see any.

Galveston 2010 025 Galveston 2010 029

He loved playing with cousin Peyton!

Galveston 2010 086

Here are the grandkids with their beautiful Nanie!

Galveston 2010 116Galveston 2010 118 

My dad spent an hour or more reeling in this fish!!  Too bad it wasn’t one that we could eat because we could have had a feast!!  You can see Grant wasn’t too thrilled to be next to it!!

Galveston 2010 119

Here is Collin pretending he caught the fish!!  I’m sure he was snoozing while my dad was fighting this monster!! The guys would get up around 5 to fish every morning!  Collin did go fishing all but one morning, but he didn’t catch anything that was big enough to keep.

 Galveston 2010 121 Galveston 2010 252 Galveston 2010 260

The above two pics were at Moody Gardens aquarium.  Collin and Grant are in the shark cage!!

Galveston 2010 055

We celebrated my grandmother’s 80th birthday while we were there.

Galveston 2010 064

The two blankie boys.

Galveston 2010 123

Grant was super tired after a great family vacation!!  We had a wonderful time Mom and Dad!!