Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Thoughts....

  • It is raining here today. I don't think I have heard thunder in forever!! Darn you, North Texas drought!
  • On the way to get the mail today, I noticed that my tulips are on the verge of blooming!! Yay for Spring!
  • I should really organize my closet. Not sure why since this post-preggo body is still on strike!
  • My baby pooped what looked like an English pea today. Collin loves peas so I was sure to text him a pic of it! Ha!
  • Being a new mom is scary and exciting!
  • I really don't want to work out today but I will try to make the 5:30 class. Darn you, post-preggo body!!
  • A good excuse not to go is that I would hate to get my newly washed car wet and dirty. Darn you, rain!
  • Isn't it depressing when nothing "good" comes in the mail? A Sports Illustrated for C, a boring insurance statement, and a Kroger ad. Boring!! Come on May issue of Martha Stewart Living!!
  • I started a new book yesterday call "The Shack." I think my brother-n-law left it over Christmas to read, but I am just now getting to it. Pretty good so far. God as a large black women?? Holy cow!!
  • We are having left over BBQ sandwiches tonight. I have a recipe where you make them in the crock pot. They are super good! They are beef BBQ....C and I fight over what meat really constitutes BBQ. I say beef, he says pork. Just one of the many fun discussions we like to have!
  • I should probably go wake Granters up. He sleep all morning and is now sleeping all afternoon. Could be an all nighter!! yikes!!

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Andy's Bethy said...

A couple of things..
I think it is a little early to be stressing about the "post preggo body". Give yourself a little time girl!
I want to hear more about The Shack. A ladies group I just joined wants to read it next, so I may pick it up soon. I just keep hearing "don't take it too literally".
I completely agree with the mail thing... why does everything good come on one day, then nothing good for days and days in a row?!