Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy 30th!!

Well, I'm a little late on this post, but Collin's 30th birthday was last Thursday. You can see from the pics below what Grant's present to his dad was. It is amazing how fast that stuff can travel outside of the diaper!!
I reminded Collin on his birthday to not expect any presents from me on that day because Grant was his birthday present!

Notice how his palms are kinda shiny in the pic above....yep, that's poo.
Stinky! Stinky!

But of course, he is still our sweet angel!!

It looks like Grant is shocked to find out that his daddy is 30 years old!!
"Your old dad!!"
Happy Birthday, Daddy!!


Carrie said...

oh WOW! That brings back memories. And, if you happen to have such a completely amazing incident that it would just be easier to *cut the sleeper off* rather than pull it over a head...well...you wouldn't be the first...or second person in the world to have done that!

andysbethy said...

Mom and I were just talking about how totally slacker we have been about birthday cards lately... I totally missed Collin's. Kassie's is tomorrow. I don't even know when yours is.
Back before I had kids, I was totally on top of birthday cards. Not so much lately.
Give Collin a late birthday hug from me please, and tell him that he totally has to fill me in on the big 30... it has always been his job to let me know how the big birthdays feel, since I am only a few months behind him.
Give Grant a high five for a fabulous job at producing a wonderful birthday present for his daddy.