Wednesday, February 4, 2009

G-Daddy and GiGi visit

Three generations
This pic was taken during the Super Bowl and as you can see, Grant has no interest in it!
G-Daddy gets his first dirty diaper to change. GiGi and Collin look on to make sure he does it right!

Collin test drives the new stroller
Collin's parents were here to visit Grant over the past weekend. It was the first time for Collin's dad to see his first grandchild! I think Grant put a spell on him as he is already planning their next visit. Collin's sister Meredith came up from uptown to visit Grant too. It was funny to see all three of them "fight" over holding Grant!! I don't think that baby ever had to lay in his pack n play because he was being held the whole time!! Spoiled already!!

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andysbethy said...

I don't know if you guys know this, but Canaan called our "shared" Grandma (Ruth, Steve's Mom) GiGi! I think it is cool to hear that name in use again - I have missed hearing it over the last few years.
Looks like you had fun together. Maybe I can meet Grant sometime while Andy is deployed... I'll have lots of free time during this next six months!