Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things I'm loving today

1.This cute onsie and the baby wearing it! It says "My heart belongs to mommy." 2. How Grant's right cheek looks as he sleeps on his dad's chest.
3. This sweet baby hand
4. And last but not least, these fat baby legs!! The creases kill me!! And I know they will only get deeper as he grows, thus cuter!!
5. Baby hiccups!! I wish I could put that on the blog!! I think he gets them about twice a day.

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EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Grant is growing so fast, I can't wait to meet him! I am flying out to Texas to see Mary the first weekend in March so we need to plan a time so I can see y'all and meet Grant while I am there! (I fly in late on Thursday night and fly back home on Sunday afternoon.)