Friday, April 25, 2008

First Harvest!!!

So I harvested my first strawberries today from the garden. I am pretty proud of them!! My mom and I first planted these two years ago and the plants have lasted through two winters. In fact, the plant has multiplied into 4 or 5 different plants. Mmmm....just wish I had some chocolate to dip these babies in!!

On another gardening note, this plant was given to me by a co-worker two years ago and it is the most aggressive plant ever!!! I call it a purple bean plant, but I am not really sure if that is right or not. It is a vine with pretty purple flowers that will grow up anything it can get its' dirty little leaves on!! I think this is the year that it finally takes over Collin's grill on the porch. Yikes! Well, this year I literally have to pull up 4-5 plants per day that have come up overnight in places that I don't want them to grow. Note the ones I have already picked on the right side of the pic (white lines)and no, that is not a huge black snack going down the pic, it is Collin's soaker hose). They are taking over the side of the porch!!

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