Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Idol Review

So I think that Brooke is going tonight. Kristi L. Cook is last year's Sanjaya-everyone is voting for her even though we all know that she will never sell a record. The whole time David Cooke was singing last night I could hear MC's version in the back of my head. But overall, he did a good job. I think it will come down to the young little kid who looks like a younger Fred Savage and David Cooke.

I got to shop today for my nephew's fourth birthday party which is this weekend in Longview!! I can't believe that he is already four!! How time flies. The toy aisle is so overstimulating for me! There are so many colors, sounds, and stinky kids running around. And the choices!! Who thinks up all this stuff?? Someone who thinks that a piece of plastic that will last 1 month is worth $20, that's who!! Any-who, I am really looking forward to the "jumping" party and seeing my favorite nephew. Here is a pic of him. It is a sleeping angel!! This pic is a couple of months old. But don't fret, there will be plenty of pics to be shared after this weekend.
Another fun story to share from today...My favorite little lady at work is doing so much better. For those who don't know Mrs. W, she is a resident where I work and I have decided that she and I are kindred spirits. She had been suffering from one of her usual quarterly UTIs (urinary tract infection) so she hadn't been the same. She will usually tell me stories from her past which she hadn't done in a while. Well, today she started telling me those stories (which she thinks she is telling me for the first time, but is the 100th time :) ) again. I listened gladly as I had missed our "talks." And once again I had to remind her that she is not 132, but that she is 95!! Oh she makes me smile. :)

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