Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend Roundup Part Dos

I finally have some time tonight to catch ya'll up on our fun weekend in Longview.

Friday: After a pleasant drive through the highways and byways of East Texas, we arrived at Pump it Up for Peyton's party. We hardly recognized him with his new "big boy" haircut...a flat top!!! I don't know how those kids didn't bump heads all the time while jumping. It is amazing at the energy they had!! Most of them, including Collin, were sweaty little pigs by the time we were ready to cut the cake!! I can't believe my nephew is 4!!

Saturday: We slept in and woke up to the smell of my grandmother's biscuits and gravy..mmmm. We always look forward to this as I have yet to perfect this recipe. That afternoon we headed to the lake lot for Peyton's 2nd party in 2 days. This was his pirate party( note the pirate hats we wore...not sure how I "lost" mine). My parents made Peyton a pirate ship playground set at the back of the lot near the water that is unbelievable. My dad designed and constructed this especially for P. I teased him that the set builders from "Pirates of the Caribbean" would be calling him for advice!! It really was amazing. I enjoyed using my fairly new camera and capturing lots of pics of the birthday boy. We had a grilled hot dogs and more cake. It was very relaxing being out there. I can't wait till they finish building their house out there!!!

Sunday: We finished off the weekend by attending church with my parents and getting to hear their new pastor. For lunch we had my favorite, Bodacious!!! The best Texas bbq out there!! Collin thinks that it is very good for Texas bbq, however claims that "real" bbq is pork style like they serve in TN. I say yucky!! After some more playing and "wrasling" with P we headed back home. Was a great weekend, but as always was too short!!

p.s. Sorry some of my pics are sideways. I have not mastered that bloggin skill yet!!

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