Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Collin and I had a nice relaxing weekend, but too short as always!! It started off with our usual date night on Friday. You know, Costco, Lowe's, Central Market, and our favorite Mexican restaurant Mi Cocina. We decided to eat early so we ate with all of the old people!! We were pleased to have spent less than $100 as Costco. That rarely happens!!

We slept in Saturday morning as we had both had some late nights last week. Collin spent more time in the yard in the afternoon. He washed the truck, mowed the weeds, tried to fix a hand-me-down edger, and watered the yard. Our flowers and garden are coming along nicely, except for some pesky petunias that are trying to die. I will probably have to take Lowe's up on their one year plant guarantee and take them back...we will see if they perk up. I've decided that Collin is great at all the digging and lawn mowing and I excel in bringing out refreshments!!

We met some dear friends of ours for dinner later that night. Mikalah and Jarrod met us in Addison at Blue Fish. Everyone chowed down on the sushi except me. I prefer my fish to be flaky and hot. Sushi is just cold and wet in my opinion. Collin commented that their sushi was almost as good as the sushi he had in Maui in January. We got home really late that night and were proud of our selves for staying up past midnight!!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Collin watched "The Wire" episodes and I enjoyed a much needed facial at the spa. Collin's sister, Meredith, joined us for dinner and finished getting the rest of her stuff out of the room she stayed in when she was living with us. She said that dinner was the first home cooked meal she had had in a long time. Cooking is a faux pas in the single life you know!! She seemed to really enjoy it and took some for the road. It was good to see her. I think she is really adjusting well to living in Dallas.

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