Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Sharp Visit

Collin's parents and younger brother ,Clay, drove down last Friday from Indianapolis for a visit. They were also here to move Clay to Austin. He is going to be involved with starting a church down there and will be helping out with their music. I think the church launches sometime in September. We are so excited to have another Sharp here in Texas!! As you know, Collin's youngest sister, Meredith, is also here in Dallas. Now we just have to convince his oldest sister, Sarah and her husband Colin (yes, we have 2 Collins in the Collin spells his with 2 Ls and Sarah's Colin spells his with 1 L. Got it??) and Collin's mom and dad, Steve and Cheryl, to move here!! We are working on them!! Grant is pretty convincing! We had a great time last weekend with them. We ate lots of good food and played a lot of cards. Grant enjoyed all the attention and even reached out for his DaddyG for him to hold him!
Walking down to the pond to feed the ducksClay was super excited about the ducks!! :)
I made Meredith a sack lunch on Monday morning. Can you see here name on the sack? Meredith and I also have the same middle name, Deann. Wow, 2 Collins and 2 Deanns!!

Proud Grandparents!!!

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