Wednesday, July 15, 2009

6 Months!

Grant is 6 months!! Well, and a couple of weeks as I am late again with this month's post.

Grant at 6 months:
  • Weight: 17.2 lbs 50th percentile
  • Height: 27 in 75th percentile We have a long baby! The nurse who measured him said "you just keep unrolling, don't you!"
  • Wears mostly 9 month clothing
  • Still hasn't mastered solid foods yet. Continues to just want mom. If we put a baby food in his mouth like rice cereal, sweet potato or carrots he usually just spit it back out and makes a face like, "what the heck is this stuff!!??"
  • Can sit up for a couple of seconds with assistance from us.
  • Is rolling, but tends to favor rolling to his left side. He also will stick his heiney up in the air by straightening his legs out underneath him.
  • Sleeps 10-12 hours at night. We are blessed!
  • Has started to get on a schedule with naps. Usually a two hour nap in the morning and a 1-2 hour nap in the late afternoon.
  • No signs of any teeth yet!!! But he does love to chew and suck on anything he can get his hands on.
  • Grabs his feet, not sucking on them yet though.
  • Reaches for me when someone else is holding him. I love it!
  • Is in size 3 diapers. I was so sad to move from Swaddlers to Cruisers!! Moms, you know what I mean!!
  • Loves to go to the pool! It is really calming and entertaining for him. He's a people watcher!!
  • Loves to grab at our faces.
  • Is really entertained when I put him in the Bumbo next to the kitchen sink while I do dishes.
  • Looks like we have a green eyed boy. Collin and I both have green. One day his hair seems light and the next day it seems dark. I think it is starting to thicken up a bit too!
  • Loves to watch other kids play around him. Yea for playdates!
  • Had his first plane ride and boat ride.
  • Vocab: ooooo's ahhhhh's and mmmmmm's. Loves blowing raspberries to me on the changing table.
  • He loves to get our attention by fake sneezing or fake coughing.
  • Loves the door jumper and we do too!!! It is the funniest thing ever to see him so proud of himself for all the high jumping he's doing!

I'll post pics later!

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The Goforths said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Grant! Hopefully we can meet up before he starts walking!