Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grant sitting in Collin's moms' rocking chair that she had as a child. Didn't my camera flash put cool lighting on this image??
Horsing around with Dad

Collin Sharp Colin Benton Collin Martin
Yes, we have THREE Collins in our family!! Benton is Sarah's ( Collin's sister) husband. Martin is Cheryl's cousin Amy's son in law. Did you catch all that??!! (I hope I used my apostrophes in a grammatically correct fashion!!)

Grants new favorite thing to do is stick out his tongue, rub his gums with his tongue, blow raspberries with his tongue, ect. So DaddyG thought it would be fun to do the same!!

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EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Wow, these are some great pictures too! It really does look like a great trip!