Thursday, August 20, 2009

Down on the Farm

Collin's mom's cousin, Amy, and her husband, Terry, and his 3 sons run a farm in Indiana. We are talking BIG farm, like 5,000 acres BIG!! They grow corn and soybeans. Jess, their oldest son gave us a tour of their barn where all of the BIG farming equipment is kept. I even got to get into a piece of equipment that is a sprayer. This thing had a touch screen computer with GPS!! Watch out farmer Brown!! This particular machine basically drives itself!! Collin grew up visiting their farm in the summertime, but hadn't been out there in several years so he really enjoyed getting to see how much it has grown. Grant had a great time staring at all the equipment. We look forward to bringing him back when he is older and can actually ride the equipment and learn about the farm. It was really interesting to see everything, cuz this city girl was pretty clueless about the farming business!! Thanks, Jess for the tour! The sprayer with GPS
The black arm thingys stretch out to about 40 feet!

Inside the huge storage barn where they store all of the equipment. The big green machine on the left of the pic is a combine. It's what picks the corn.

And here is Grant and DaddyG standing in front of the combine tire. Can you say big???!!
The pic doesn't do this thing justice, it looked bigger in person.
Conner, Jess's son inside one of the many tractors.
The 3 Muskateers!
Anna, 3 weeks (Jess's new daughter) Macee, 5 months and Granters, 7 months

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The Goforths said...

The love of big equipment starts early! My boys love riding all their Big Daddy's and PaPa's big toys.