Friday, May 1, 2009

Play date!

Grant and I went on our first play date with some friends from our old Sunday school class today. We went to the Dallas arboretum which is a botanical garden near White Rock Lake. There were 4 other mommys and babies that went with us. We spread out our blankets and had a picnic lunch on the grass. It was so much fun!! It was great to talk to other moms and hear their experiences and advice.
Here we are towards the end of the date. He fell asleep as we walked around. I was so thankful that he took a bottle from me. And he gets bonus points for the milk being a tad cold!!
Here are two of our new friends, Avery and Braeden, both 13 months. Avery is pushing Braeden's stroller into the flower bed, as Braeden is digging up a flower for his mom. Garden etiquette is just too hard for babies to follow !! Too cute!!

Hands in mouth, trying to get ahold of his thumb.

This is the last time that I was at the arboretum in December of 2005 when I had my bridal portraits done. The pic above this one is of Grant in the same area that this bridal pic was taken. How things have changed since then!! I walked out a blushing bride and came back 3 years later with a baby!!
We look forward to our next date!!

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The Goforths said...

What a beautiful place for a playdate! Grant will be in on all the action soon!