Monday, January 26, 2009

Grant at home

He loves to sleep like this.
A sweet pic before his umbilical cord fell off.

This is the view I have when I am burping him after he eats. It is so sweet!! He crosses his arms in front of him and rests his little head on them. Sweet baby noises top it off!!


andysbethy said...

He is so precious. It looks like he has grown already! Goodness, that happens so fast - you haven't even gotten to his due date yet!
I love the burping picture especially - that is such a contented sound, and such a contented time. Enjoy it!

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Oh my gosh!! Grant is sooooo adorable!! We are hoping to make it over to Dallas in May for Mary's program ending special, so I hope we can work out a time to see y'all and meet little Grant. I am glad you like the quilt. I started the tradition by making one for Maddie and it has continued for each of the new little ones that come into the family! I am so glad to have your blog address so I can keep up with all the happenings in Texas branch of the family!!

Jerome, Laura, Peyton and Max said...

Collin and Alicia I am so happy for you guys. Collin I'm so proud. Jerome and I never thought we'd see the day we didn't have to feed you anymore and now look at you, all married AND a daddy! It's like our boy is all grown. :) Seriously though, what a blessing to be a parent. Alicia, Collin left GA when my daughter, Peyton, was about 6 weeks old. His last day at work he called me specifically to bring her in so he could hold her. It was so sweet. I'm sure he's a fabulous dad! Congratulations again and best of luck. They grow so fast. Peyton starts kindergarden in the fall and we have no clue where the time went. Try not to blink too much or you may miss something. :)