Sunday, November 20, 2011


EllaJane Deann Sharp

November 2,2011  @  2:02am

8 lbs  19 inches

EllaJanes Birth 018

Here I am at around 37 weeks.  I was 38 weeks and one day when she was born.  My water broke at midnight and she was born 2 hours later.  Talk about a fast labor!

EllaJanes Birth 038

EllaJanes Birth 041

Grant brought me flowers when he came up to the hospital to meet his new sister.

EllaJanes Birth 047

Super proud big brother!

EllaJanes Birth 065

First bow!

EllaJanes Birth 070 EllaJanes Birth 071

Who do you think she looks like?? We can’t get over how much hair she has!  Grant was born pretty much bald!

EllaJanes Birth 085

EllaJanes Birth 088

Sooooo glad to be home with my little girl!

EllaJanes Birth 099

Grant loves his little sister!  He showers her with kisses and loves to hold her!

We are soooo thankful for EllaJane and that she healthy and perfect!  It was a rough pregnancy but of course I look at her little face and realize it was so worth it!  She is precious and brings our family so much joy!  Thank you, Lord, for EllaJane!

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The Goforths said...

She is PRECIOUS! I cannot wait to meet her! And her name is BEAUTIFUL!