Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

Lots of pics to share!!  I am going to break Christmas down into a couple of posts. 

First up, Christmas with my family.  We traveled to Longview on the 23rd and came home in the evening on Christmas day.  Grant had a great time playing with his only cousin, Peyton and really enjoyed watching and studying all that he did.  He loved all of his Santa toys but took some time warming up on his new toddler 4-wheeler riding toy.  Of course now he is a pro at it and can even steer it!  He is a real wild child going a max of 1 mph down the street!


Christmas 2010 053

Boxes make the best toy!

Christmas 2010 026

Matching PJs for the cousins!

Christmas 2010 034

One of my fav pics of the two of them!  You can see Peyton pointing to show grant where to look and smile.

Christmas 2010 039

Can you find the cousins in all these presents!!??

Christmas 2010 056

Santa came!!

Christmas 2010 067

Poppa helping Grant out on the new 4 wheeler or “tractor” as he called it.

Christmas 2010 068 Christmas 2010 070

Being silly with a pillow.

Christmas 2010 071

Grant’s great-grandmother.  He calls her Dee.

Christmas 2010 080

Christmas muffins

Christmas 2010 081

Playing blocks with Dee

Christmas 2010 093

I love this pic too.  I am getting some sweet sugars on the back of his neck and his smile is priceless!

Christmas 2010 102Christmas 2010 104 

These pics crack me up!  Left:  Grant fell asleep at the table during Christmas lunch.  He has never done that before so I was glad to be able to witness that along with my family.  Right:  After he was good asleep, we put him in Poppa’s lap and they napped in the chair for about an hour and a half. 


We had a wonderful time in Longview and enjoyed spending time with family!

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The Goforths said...

It's so fun to see the little ones once they start to enjoy opening boxes (and playing in them!). Glad you all had a great Christmas!