Friday, September 3, 2010

Mothers Day Out

Here are some pics from our first day of MDO this year.

September 2010 015

At home, ready with all of our “equipment.”

We have a cowboy nap mat and a cowboy backpack.  Grant loves to carry both of them himself, but usually falls down with them because they are heavy!

September 2010 018

Love this pic of G and daddy!

September 2010 026

This is were we put his “equipment” everyday.

September 2010 027

This is when I dropped him off.  You can tell here that he is very worried about the situation!!  He can already sense that I am going to be leaving him here!


He had a great first day of school!  He is one of the older ones in his class and one of the few that didn’t cry all day.  He even slept an hour and fifteen minutes that first day!! On the nap mat!!!  Wow!!   I know it is going to be a great year for him!!

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Jana said...

So proud of that sweet little boy! We miss him! He is growing up way to fast!!!