Friday, December 4, 2009

11 Months

Wow!!  How did we already get to 11 months!!  In just a few short weeks my baby will be one!!

Grant at 11 months:

  • 21.4 lbs
  • Can walk with us holding his two hands out in front of him.  He just started this a couple of days ago.  He is walking along the furniture and will sometimes let go and stand alone.  He loves to cruise around the house with his baby walker…he is getting fast at it!!  He always has the biggest smile when he does it and makes a sound like he is saying “yea!!” 
  • Is a speed crawler!
  • Has two teeth now, both on the bottom front
  • Will wave bye bye.  He does this at the most random times, like crawling down the hallway.
  • We took our first out of town trip without Grant.  Collin had a business trip to Vegas and I decided to tag along and get some much needed R&R!  We were gone 3 nights and Grant was well taken care of by BOTH grandmas!  He did great!  No problem with taking a bottle and resumed nursing when I got back!
  • Is eating just about anything we put on his tray.  Seems to love meat the best.  When he sees me or Collin at the table with food, he will crawl over to us, pull up on our legs and “beg” for us to share.
  • We finally graduated from the infant tub and started putting him in the big bathtub and he seems to really like it.  He has even survived one slip already!
  • This child has NO set napping and/or bedtime schedule!!  He pretty much takes a morning nap around 11:00 am every morning, but you never know if he is going to bless his mommy with an afternoon nap too.  As far as bedtime goes, usually down around 9-10:00 but for the past two months has been waking once in the middle of the night to eat.  Before that he would always sleep through the night.  Growing boy, teething???  Who knows!!
  • Is still in size 3 diapers and wearing 9, 12 and 18 months clothing.
  • Loves to open/close doors and cabinets.  We had to baby proof the kitchen cabinets about a month ago.
  • Will “dance” to music by bouncing up and down to the beat.  So cute!
  • Is becoming a little chatterbox:  dadada, mamama, bababa, the /n/ sound and sometimes the /g/ sound
  • Loves his dad!  When Collin is home in the office I can hardly keep Grant from crawling up to the office to see his dad.  And sometimes he will sit at the front door and I swear it’s like he is waiting for Collin to get home.


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