Wednesday, October 7, 2009

9 Months

Grant at 9 months:

Weight: 19.6 lbs

Height: 30 in

  • Sleeping great still, bedtime around 9:30 and up by 8:30.  Takes a long 2 hour morning nap and a shorter afternoon nap.
  • Is teething!!  He got his first tooth about 2 weeks ago.  It is on the bottom and he loves to bite my fingers with it!! ouch!
  • Still breastfeeding about 5 times per day.  Eating baby food 2-3 times per day.  Will eat pretty much anything I give him, except he doesn’t seem to like plain baby cereal very well.  I get a “yuck” face when I give him that so I usually mix it with mashed banana.  He is coming along with his self feeding.  I am constantly wondering what the limit is with Puffs!!  I think he could eat the whole container!!
  • Is crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling up on ANYTHING!!  He gets faster everyday and will disappear out of my sight in no time if I don’t watch him closely.  He can pull all the way up to standing.
  • Loves to explore his surroundings and new rooms in the house that he hasn’t been into lately.
  • Says mama a lot!
  • This boy loves:  watching cars/kids/dogs outside the front window, sitting outside with dad, the dishwasher and oven( I think b/c he can see his reflection in them), puffs, opening and closing doors, the TV remote, wires, “helping” me eat my afternoon yogurt, skyping the grandmothers, feeding the ducks, books, standing up in his crib when he is supposed to be taking a nap, paper
  • He had his first cold this past week.  I was so dreading that first sickness, but know that we were blessed that we had 9 months of wellness!!
  • Has moved from the baby bathtub to the yellow ducky tub. (see the pic below in a previous post)
  • Is scared of the vacuum! So cute!!
  • His eyes are definitely green now.  Collin and I both have green.
  • His hair is starting to thicken on the top and looks blondish/brownish/reddish.  We still aren't sure what color it will turn out to be.

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