Wednesday, April 22, 2009

O Happy Day!!

I was finally able to catch Grant smiling with my camera. He has been smiling for a couple of weeks now. You know how hard it can be to catch that split second smile!!

Love this one!!
He has learned how to grab a toy and pull it to his mouth now.


Andy's Bethy said...

Those are fabulous! That third one looks like a laugh it is so big! Wonderful pictures.

Kelsey and Travis said...

Adorable!!!!! I have been able to visit a baby orphanage here in Uganda a few times and celebrate with God some of the first claps, steps, and words of the precious little ones there. What a joy it has been!!!! Although I was heart broken at first that there were no parents there rejoicing at each development the Lord reminded me that He is there and He is overjoyed at each one. Can't wait to meet little Grant and see y'all sometime!

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Too cute!!! I love a baby smile, it just melts your heart and brings a big smile to your own face as well!