Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby Shower

I was given a wonderful baby shower by these special ladies above this past Saturday. Baby Grant received so many wonderful things! I can't wait to dress him up in all of the cute outfits he got and put him in his vibrating infant seat. Collin and I are so appreciative of everyone who came to support me. Many of ya'll drove many a mile to come. The food was great! Petits fours, fruit tarts, pumpkin bread, and finger sandwiches!! Yummy!! Grant has so many friends to meet when he gets here!!
I can't believe we have less than 8 weeks left till his due date!! The time has flown by! I am so glad that we have the holidays to kinda distract us a little as we grind out the last of this pregnancy. Finding a comfortable sleeping position is getting harder and harder. It is also a bummer not being able to paint your toenails!! Socks do the trick to cover that up!! We are planning on painting the nursery this coming weekend and hopefully finding some furniture for it also this week.
We have 2 more Monday night classes to go for our childbirth education class. It has been really informative and eye-opening at the same time. It really makes everything real!! Interestingly enough, we started the class with 5 couples and as of last Monday we were down to 3!! One couple went into preterm labor and we don't know what happened of them. This past Monday another couple went into labor and had their baby early that morning. So we will see tomorrow night who is left!! They are dropping like flys!!

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