Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks Allison!

I got the cutest thing in the mail today. My first onesie!! It is for a baby 6-9 months so it is hard to believe that the baby won't even fit in it at first!! My dear friend in Houston, Allison, sent it to me. Allison has 3 under 4 so I hope she will have lots of advice for me.
We still have about a month to go until we find out if it is a boy or girl. Collin seems to think it is a boy and I have no clue. All I know is that it will be nice to know who has been pinching the nerves in my back!! I haven't felt any kicks yet, but I can just imagine the baby pinching them. Ouch!!
Collin now reports that when he hugs me he can feel my belly between us. That was a first this past weekend!

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Mikalah said...

too cute. can't wait till it's here! I know you can't either. can't wait to hear if boy/girl too! Miss you lots! --MG